Tomáš Douděra
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  • Areas of operation

The areas I am involved in

Consultation of Existing Solutions

Do you need advice with your existing solution, or are you unsure about how to advance your business? I will conduct an audit of your solution and discuss steps to optimize processes for both applications and websites.

Website Development

I usually create websites using WordPress. For more demanding (VIP) clients, I can develop sites using the PHP framework LARAVEL, where everything will be custom-built to the client’s specifications (Html, Css, Js, Php, Db).

E-commerce Development

I primarily work on e-commerce sites using WordPress (WooCommerce), but I am also able to assist with Shoptet and Upgates. Need a custom solution? No problem. LARAVEL is the clear path to having both freedom and quality.

Custom System Development

For more complex systems, I work with the top PHP framework LARAVEL, using the TALL stack (TAILWIND, ALPINE, LARAVEL, LIVEWIRE). Everything is custom-made to meet the client’s specific requirements.



  • Php LARAVEL (TALL stack)
  • Laravel NOVA
  • FilamentPHP
  • Livewire
  • WordPress


  • Tailwind
  • Alpine.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Sass
  • Vue.js

It can’t just be work, it has to be passion.

For me, the most important thing is making sure customers are happy. I also care a lot about how well and reliably your solution works, from its design to every detail in the code. It’s not a solo effort; I can point you to experts in various IT fields. These specialists are committed to helping your project succeed, whether you need help with marketing, design, content, writing, or development.

  • The Essentials

How can I help you?

Project Management

Project management planning. Whether in Scrum or Waterfall.

Project and Process Setup

Regular Communication with the Customer

Quality and Adherence to Set Deadlines

Application Development

Overseeing the entire application from the technology design to the final implementation.

Readability and Efficiency



Marketing and Optimization

I can assist with optimizing your website and can connect you with a specialist in marketing and SEO.




For sending a general price quote, please do not hesitate to contact me.

How does the collaboration work?

We'll arrange a call/meeting.

Where we’ll go through your requirements together and discuss the potential collaboration to see if it makes sense for both sides.

Preparation of materials and proposal of a solution

Subsequently, I will prepare a solution proposal tailored specifically to your requirements.


The implementation takes place in regular intervals where we gradually approve each part of the development / creation process.

Project Handover

In the end, I will hand over the project according to the set criteria. But it doesn’t end there.

Maintenance Phase

It’s not the case that I complete the project and we part ways. I will support you in learning how to use the system and address any further requirements.

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My certifications

certifikát oop larevel
certifikát html css javascript
certifikát php mysql
certifikát wordpress pluginy
certifikát wordpress pro uživatele
certifikát oop
certifikát bootstrap
certifikát css sass
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certifikát wordpress divi šablona
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